Jim, Allen, and Scotty Are hiding a dark secret!

with the town's Sheriff, they covered up A crime deep in the woods.

five years later, they return...

unaware what is waiting for them!

Vengeance in the form of a hoofed animal on two legs.....


A Davy Lantz Jr. Film | Jesse L Green, Davy Lantz Jr, Jeremy Amos, Mathew Amos "The Ungulate" | Starring Laiken Miner, Reilly Cubbedge, Todd Chamberlain, Tara Zapata, Jeffery Miner (Special Appearances By) Gabrielle Bodroghy, Casey Rudolph, Cori Coulter Screenplay: Jeffrey Miner and Davy Lantz Jr | Score by: Craig M. Rosenthall| Featuring "Superchrist" performed by Hotrod Henry | Produced by Jeffrey Miner, Todd chamimberlain, Mathew Amos | Co-Producer Matthew Lee Anderson| Special effects by AmoSFX | Produced and directed by davy lantz Jr